About the Artist

It all started with a personal journey, a powerful journey through her inner soul that brought out her deepest feelings and transported them to canvas. A tribute to the strong women who suffered so much over the years and walked a long way to find freedom. Fernanda Meirelles, born in São Paulo, Brazil, wasn’t afraid anymore, when she found an extraordinary way to express her most profound thoughts. Her talent as a painter was finally shown to whoever wanted to see and most of all for those who could relate. For many years her inspiration came through the images of female divine from classical Greece, the legendary women from Greek mythology. Then the female figures entered undefined scenery, blurred away their bodies into total abstraction.

Her journey introduced Fernanda Meirelles to the world. Her art has traveled the planet; from Brazil do Germany, Mexico to France, Uruguay to the United States. Influenced by the Japanese, who in early 1900’s immigrated to São Paulo bringing to Brazil the oriental art, Fernanda Meirelles hopes to make a better world, “I want people to be transported to a world of hope and beauty through my art”, says the artist.

Fernanda Meirelles is now based in Miami, the city that she fell in love with and the place where she chose to have her studio.

Awards & Achievements:

  • 1975 – Studied Watercolor & Drawing with Flora Del Gallo, São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1988 – Course of Creation and Illustration – Escola Panamaericana de Arte, São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1990 – Studied Classical Paintings and Portratis with August Mendes da Silva, São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1993 – Honor Mention, “First Art Hall”, Clube Alto dos Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1994 – Silver Medal, “Second Winter Hall of Mairiporã”, São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1994 – Course in Drawings and Modern Paintings with Jaime Yesquenlurita, São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1995 – Silver Medal, “Third Hall of Para-realistic Art”, São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1995 – Course “New Icons of Art at the Beginning of the 20th Century”, with Jacob Klintowitz, São Paulo, Brazil.